Just Pop’d just pleases


The emporium beholding the freshest and best popcorn in town has set new standards. Founded in Papillion, Just Pop’d now five locations between Omaha, Lincoln and Elkhorn. This family-owned business has constructed some of the most scrumptious flavors of popcorn named by and after family members.

Walking into the store was one of the most anxious experiences I have ever had. Trying to find the Papillion location was a bit hectic. I kept going in circles around random buildings looking like the dog Doug from the Disney-Pixar movie “Up” attempting to locate this place. Luckily I happened to stumble upon a giant Anytime Fitness by the intersection of 96th Street and Highway 370, and found the smaller, yet happier Just Pop’d storefront glowing next to it.

I marveled at the stocks of popular popcorn that lined the walls as I strolled in, along with old time movie posters and an Elvis Presley cutout. Besides popcorn, Just Pop’d offers ice cream and multitudes of flavored soda. Honestly, it was like Build-A-Bear, only for popcorn. I picked out the size and container I wanted, and dressed it up with one of the many popcorns they can make. Wandering around the store, I gazed at the tall shelves with different colored tins and fun flavors.

When someone appeared around from the back room, that is when the true adventure started. I taste-tested every specialty flavor they had available. The two I found the strangest but mindblowing were the “Nothing To Lose” and “Margaret & Roger.” The Nothing to Lose is a chocolate covered popcorn that tastes exactly what I like to call “puppy chow.” The Nothing To Lose flavor of popcorn has a hint of pumpkin with white chocolate drizzled over it, which is the perfect flavor for fall.

As for the non-specialty flavors, one of my favorite family-named popcorns was Kylie’s Kreation. The caramel popcorn was drizzled in milk chocolate as well as white chocolate, and tasted a bit like heaven if I do say so myself. Besides the sweet, a more cheesy flavor that I rather enjoyed was named Hollywood. It was a mix of cheddar cheese popcorn combined with white cheddar popcorn which was unrealistically satisfying.

Besides the taste, Just Pop’d has affordable prices for the particular popcorn they make. Just Pop’d is dedicated to serving the freshest popcorn. Never compromised, the flavors and how they taste are always delicious.

Sophia VanFosson