French Week celebrates French culture


Nov. 11-16, both the French Club and all French classes will be participating in French Week, a celebration of French culture and language. French teacher Pam Miller planned various events for the week.

“There will be a fun French fact everyday on the announcements, trivia, a coat of arms contest, they will learn some songs and on Friday we will have some French treats,” Miller said.

Every year Miller plans a French week in November.

“It is always in November, and I just choose whichever week works best,” she said.

In the world language department, teachers coordinate their language weeks, despite them all planning separate events and for different languages.

“I participated with the German Carnival some, and I know the Latino Leaders paint pictures of the different Spanish speaking countries on the library windows. The main thing is that I don’t want to step on anything that the other classes are doing, which is why I have French Week in November,” Miller said.

French Student Lauren Hansen plans on going on a field trip to a showing of a French film for the level 3 and 4 French students.

Students in the French Club will help to set up for the week by putting together slips for trivia and hanging up the mural.

Junior Maya Harper, a french student, plans on participating in French Week trivia.

Even students that are not in a French class can participate in French Week.

“[French week is about] recognizing and celebrating French culture,” Harper said.

“They can learn a French phrase from one of the French students, which is one other activity we will have,” Miller said.

Harper believes that French Week is an important way to learn about and celebrate French culture.

“French Week lets you get a taste of what it would be like to live in France,” Hansen said.

Megan Yanders