Macklemore impresses Omaha



Photo by Nick Wilkinson

As dry ice, flashing lights and equal opportunity filled the air of the CenturyLink center, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis returned to Omaha on Oct. 29.

In 2012, Macklemore performed at the Sokol Auditorium in front of approximately 800 fans. This year at a bigger venue, he performed with 4,800 people in attendance.

The main performance was opened by two rappers, Big KRIT and Talib Kweli. While some opening acts disappoint, these two entertained as if they were the main act. Talib Kweli was second to perform and between his performance and Macklemore’s appearance, 30 minutes of silence, foot-ache and a soft murmur from the crowd passed.

The wait was worth it. Confetti and fire blasted in the air as Macklemore and his band appeared on stage. After his first song, Macklemore made it apparent that he spent the previous two days around the Omaha metro without any media knowing.

Before his arguably most famous song, “Thrift Shop,” he said he visited downtown and later, jumped in the Missouri River. True or not, it got some laughs from the crowd.

Throughout the show, Macklemore discussed his trials to becoming famous. Growing up, he knew he always wanted to be a rapper but the track to success was disrupted by drug and alcohol abuse. Over time, he recovered from his addiction and focused on creating music.

By the end of his speech the key message to his audience was that people don’t need drugs to find creativity. In fact, it was the complete opposite for Macklemore. Creativity came to him as he remained sober.

Macklemore stands firmly behind his beliefs and made it very apparent at his concert. Before his song “Same Love,” he made it very clear that he believes anyone should be able to be married without any social and cultural boundaries keeping them apart.

One of the most honorable things Macklemore does is include his life-long friend, and producer Ryan Lewis in just about everything. Above the stage lit in bright white lights hung a giant “M & RL” sign. Macklemore gives endless credit to his close friend. Ryan Lewis’ name is included in every song credit. I don’t really see many artists give producers that much credit, if any at all.

Macklemore spent two hours on stage performing some of his greatest hits. Thousands of little strips of confetti rained from the sky throughout the performance and red, white and blue streamers from the cannons tied fans to one another.

I spent my first concert in general admission. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was crowded and hot. Personal space was non-existent but everyone around me seemed to have a great time. For $45, being 30 feet from the stage wasn’t a bad deal.

Once the night was over, my legs were in pain from standing for so long. Confetti and streamers found their way into my jacket and shirt pockets and streamers tied loosely around my body. Though I didn’t get much rest for the school day ahead of me, the Macklemore concert energized me nonetheless.

Nick Wilkinson
Sports Editor