Announcements | September 24th




Are you interested in teaching or honoring the teachers you see every day? Then join the Future Educators Association. Our first meeting will be after school on Tuesday Sept 24 in room 321.

HOMECOMING INFORMATION *Time: 7:00-10:00 Please have your ride there at 10:00. *The dance is in the front courtyard of the school. If it rains/cold weather the dance will be held in the north gym that same night. *Don’t forget guests are charged $10 at the door. Bellevue East students are free with ID. *If you do not have your Student ID you will be charged $5 at the door. *Pictures will be available through Jeremy Johnson photography. There will be an item check in and bottled water available for $1. *King and Queen will be crowned during half time of the game on Friday.

Cyber Patriots meet every Weds from 3:30-4:45 in Rm 619 – no experience necessary. Contact Mr. Parkison or Chief Swingle for more details. T-Bird Robotics Club meets everyThursday from 3:30-4:30 in Rm 619. Magic, The Gathering Strategic Games Club meets every Tuesday at 3:30 in Rm 619. Contact Mr. Parkison for more details.

The 2013 Poetry Slam Team meets every Wednesday at 3:30 in room 124. New people who like to write poetry are always welcome.

SPIRIT WEEK – For those trying to decide what to wear for spirit week,here are your Homecoming Spirit Days: Twin Tuesday; Disney Wed; Crazy Sports Fan Thursday; HawaiianFriday