Homecoming venue change causes concerns


Rumors concerning this year’s Homecoming have been spreading and evolving rapidly. Facebook pages protesting the outside Hawaiian dance have been set up and students have continued to tweet negatively about the upcoming event.

For the record, the dance will still be semi-formal just like previous years, yet this year, sun dresses are acceptable to fit the theme of Hawaiian Paradise. The event will take place in the courtyard in a fenced off area.

“Honestly, I’ve never gone to Homecoming, but I was planning on going this year but after hearing people talk about it, I didn’t want to go,” senior Hannah Biggs said.

Though the dance will be outside, students should not be concerned about the weather.

“The only difference is the dance will be held outside. Of course, if it rains the dance will be moved back in the North Gym. Also, the bathrooms by the South Gym will be open for students to use,” Student Council Adviser Carli Rhylander said.

Students were uneasy about the dance being held outside and assumed the dress code was informal.

“I think it’s stupid. It’s supposed to be a prom for freshmen and sophomores since we can’t go to the actual one,” sophomore Bre Surratt said.

Though some students fed into the rumor mill, others didn’t have much of an opinion on the Homecoming dance.

“I don’t really care about Homecoming. Now that I’m a junior I have prom and I still have the ROTC ball to look forward to,” junior Nick Lawrence said. “If I was going, I would still dress up for the occasion.”

Although some students might not be anticipating this event, student council members plan to keep a positive outlook no matter what the word around school is.

“The student council is very excited and positive about trying something new,” Rhylander said.

Student council members think it will be a lot easier to decorate and expect the DJ to be outstanding.

“I don’t know if it’s the idea that it is outside and people started interpreting it differently, but it’s not going to be boring or anything,” student council vice president Amy Reckin said.

Though the dance is unlike any other dance Bellevue West has ever hosted before, the people behind the scenes are trying to make it a positive experience for everyone.

“Enjoy Homecoming. It’s something new,” Reckin said.

The Homecoming dance will be Saturday, Sept. 28 from 7-10 p.m. at Bellevue West. Again, dress is semi-formal, but appropriate Hawaiian attire is also acceptable.


Ashley Quintela
Editor-in-Chief and Hitting the Runway Blogger