Spring sports finding success due to weather


After a mild winter, it seemed as if spring would be arriving early. However, Nebraska’s indecisive weather got in the way. After multiple snowstorms that plagued the Omaha area, spring sports have gotten off to a slow start as far as games go.

Varsity baseball has been forced to practice inside for the majority of the spring, and has had games cancelled due to the weather.

“Batting inside can create bad habits. We bat most of the time inside since there isn’t a lot we can do indoors,” senior varsity center fielder Jordan Kelly said.

Cold temperatures also played a factor that contributed to the team missing games.

“Four games have been cancelled already and they will be replayed throughout the season,” Kelly said. “We have already played the rescheduled game against Burke.”

Missing out on practice outside hasn’t affected how the baseball team plays, as most teams haven’t been able to practice outside either.

“Westside has a turf field so they have been able to play 13 games so far, while we have only played seven,” Kelly said.

The varsity baseball team is currently ranked 4th in the state coming off a 10-0 win against Nebraska City. Pitcher Michael Kriete throws first no hitter of the season. (1-0)

Both boys and girls junior varsity and varsity soccer teams have also came across problems while preparing for the season due to the weather.

All tryouts were moved indoors for the duration of tryouts. Even two weeks of practice had to be held inside due to snow on the turf or cold weather.

“We haven’t been able to get used to playing on the turf, so we haven’t been as prepared as we could have been,” said senior varsity girls soccer captain Jamie Waddington.

The effect of this problem has been seen on the field.

“Every team’s touch is a little off, but with more time we will get better and so will other teams,” Waddington said.

The girls soccer team has a record of 2-4 thus far, while the boys have a record of 4-3.

“Practicing in the gym helped us worked on the more technical aspect of our team. We didn’t have that last year and that’s why we are winning more and scoring more this year,” senior varsity boys soccer captain Mason Savine said.

Both boys and girls varsity soccer team played in the Metro tournament Championship on April 9. The girls defeated Central with a score of 6-0, while the boys fell to Millard North with a score of 4-1.

James Teutschmann
West Wind Editor-in-Chief