Lemon of the Lot: Anna Dolezal



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Photos by Sidney Marks.

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” Madonna and the Berlin Wall falling are all special 1989 memories for many teachers at Bellevue West.

1989 was also the year junior Anna Dolezal’s Honda Civic was made, and it is not one easily missed in the school parking lot.

“Everyone can always spot it out and its easy to see,” Dolezal said.

The cream colored, stick shift hatchback was given to Dolezal as a present for her 15th birthday.

“It was chosen for me,” Dolezal said, “I didn’t have a say.”

Her uncle fixed up the car before it was given to her. However, she does admit to causing a few of the dents. She recalls hitting the back gate near the sophomore parking lot going to a basketball game one day.

“I didn’t have sunglasses so I tried to block the sun,” Dolezal said. “Then I turned and my car was stuck on the gate and I was reversing it and the gate was swaying with the fender.”

Dolezal said she got the 24-year-old car in good shape, even though it doesn’t have a right side mirror. However, it does have zebra seat covers and mirror dice that her parents paid for.

“I’m going to paint it [black] this summer unless I get a new car because [my parents] said I can,” Dolezal said.

She hopes to get a new car this month for her 17th birthday.

“I mean I don’t mind it,” Dolezal said, “it doesn’t really matter what kind of car I have.”

Sidney Marks