Prom perspectives vary by grade


Prom is an event juniors and seniors look forward to, dedicating time and money in an effort to make it a memorable night. The different grades, however, sometimes have different perspectives on the event.

This year, Prom, took place on Mar. 23rd at the Creighton University ballroom with a theme of Once in a Blue Moon. Last year it was held in the CenturyLink ballroom but had to be moved due to expenses.

For seniors, it is the last prom they will ever go to and the last big event of the school year.

Senior Haley Marshall has different feelings toward her senior prom than she did her junior prom.

“Last year was fun, but this year I feel like its a bigger deal and everyone is taking it more seriously,” Marshall said.

Juniors also get to be a part of the big event, but get to do it all again next year leaving them with the feeling that it’s not a big deal.

“Prom is going to be fun this year, but next year I think will be even better because I want to make my senior prom the best,” junior Brandi Golling said.

Although the prom is the same day and location for both juniors and seniors, the attire is usually different between the grades. For girls, dresses tend to be fancier and more expensive. For guys, renting a tux becomes more of a big deal, but regardless of choice, formal wear is a requirement.

“I waited longer this year to get my tux. I’m just going with the flow and letting the girls take care of the other details,” senior Zac Oslica said.

For juniors like Nathan Schenck getting a tux is a bigger deal.

“[Getting a tux] this year is a big deal because this is my first prom to go to so it’s all new to me,” Schenck said.

Transportation is also one of the many things juniors and seniors view on different levels when it comes to prom choosing between limos, party busses, or just driving themselves to the dance.

“I’m more excited for prom this year mainly because my group is taking a party limo,” senior Aaron Seals said.

To most juniors, spending the extra money on transportation is not ideal or necessary. They will want to spend more on it next year when they are seniors and it’s their final year to do so.

“I don’t want to spend a lot of money this year on transportation, I’d rather spend it next year when I’m a senior and it’s my final year,” Golling said.

Finding a date to prom can be a struggle in itself. To some seniors like Kameron Renk, having a date senior year is different than junior year.

“I had a date last year but this year I don’t. As much as I would enjoy a date, its kind of nice not having to worry about any details, the people in my group figured out everything,” Renk said.

Prom is a night, whether its junior year or senior year, that people can have a good time regardless of grade.

Holly Clauson