Love at all ages



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Love is something that appears in all forms. It could be something shared between a father and a daughter, or a bond between two people wanting to spend a lifetime together. Whether a couple is dating for 15 months or married for 41 years, love never changes.

Many people believe high school students can’t share the same love for each other adults do. In senior Cale Svehla and junior Jessica Talbott’s relationship, that is not the case.

“We met at a birthday party, but we didn’t start talking until she cheated on our game of ‘Words with Friends.’ I told her she cheated when I saw her at school,” Svehla said.

Appearance wasn’t the only factor that caused these Svehla and Talbott to start a relationship.

“I was drawn to his personality. He is always positive and keeps me going. There is never a dull moment when we are together,” Talbott said.

Svehla seems to feel the same way when he describes everything he sees in Talbott.

“She is very, very cute, athletic and great personality. She is fun and loving and all mine,” Svehla said.

These two lovebirds have been dating for fifteen months and this is their second Valentine’s Day. Svehla will have to step it up this year if he is going to make Valentine’s Day even more romantic than their normal relationship.

“He always, always, always gets me flowers on our month anniversaries. He is always a gentleman even after fifteen months. He still takes me on dates and surprises me with little things, like coming to my work. Cale would do anything for me,” Talbott said.

Some of their favorite memories together include going to the Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes concert in Des Moines this year.

“We got lost on our way home,” Talbott said.

Even as teenagers these two have managed to keep up a mature relationship just as adults do.

“She is my everything,” Svehla said.

Talbott feels the exact same way when describing her boyfriend. Even when they are apart, they are saying the same things about each other.

“He is my everything, and I am going to miss him next year when he goes to college,” Talbott said.

As sweet as a high school relationship is, there is a different kind of love a couple who has been married for 41 years shares. Mr. Shelsta and his wife have known each other since first grade. They have spent 47 Valentine’s days together.

“What drew me to my wife was her persona, how she held herself, she was ‘with it.’ She was made of high moral character,” Mr. Shelsta said.

Their relationship started when Mrs. Shelsta was walking home from school and Mr. Shelsta offered her a ride home. He then proceeded to ask her to the movies and they have been together ever since.

“He is a nice person. He has many virtues, but one of the things that I love about him the most is that he is kind. He is nice to people whether he knows them or not. He does what he can to bring out the best in people,” Mrs. Shelsta said.

Instead of going to concerts, their best memories are shared with their children and their spouses, as well as their eight grandchildren.
“Family has got to be one of God’s greatest gifts to us,” Mrs. Shelsta said.

Even after being together for so long, the romance is still alive.

“My wife leaves me little “I love you” notes around the house and in my school materials,” Mr. Shelsta said.

Two different personalities is a quality that makes many relationships tick, and tick for about 47 years.

“I admire his strength of character. We complement each other. He has what I lack and vise versa, together we make a whole. We are best friends and enjoy being together no matter where we are,” Mrs. Shelsta said.

Chloe Brim