For the love of Coppertone, do not spray tan: Hitting the Runway



Prom is right around the corner, which means more orange people will be walking the halls. Looking radiant on the day of prom is ideal, but looking radioactive is a little extreme. I understand that girls want their skin not to be pasty white, but for the love of Coppertone do not spray tan.
10 out of 10 girls who spray tan end up looking like traffic cones. Sometimes I wonder while choosing their desired color girls say “I’ll take the brightest shade of orange you have.” If you decide to resemble a traffic cone, you will more than likely clash with your dress. Orange is not an easy color to match things with, so be careful.
Before you get crazy with tanning, choose your dress wisely. If you choose a dress that goes well with your skin tone, there is no need to tan. If you feel as though your skin tone is a little too white, choose a bold color dress. When fair skinned people choose neutral color dresses it washes them out even more. If you fit this category, stay away from white, tan, and pale yellow dresses.
While preparing for prom, resist the urge to look like Snookie from Jersey Shore. As long as you shoot for a dress color that will complement your skin tone, spray tanning will not be necessary. Remember, prom is a formal event, not a time to transform into a citrus fruit.

Ashley Quintela
Hitting the Runway Blogger and West Wind Features Editor