The Bachelor this season is just like any other


This season of the Bachelor has arrived and I told myself I wasn’t going to watch it. However, my parents happened to record it on our DVR, and before I knew it I was watching as Sean being introduced to all the new women.

 It seems like every season, the show starts with the bachelor/bachelorette saying, “I want to break one of the rules.” This has become a cliche on the show to start drama and anticipation. But as all the people on the show say “there aren’t any rules,” with a shocked tone, it becomes slightly dramatic, and overused season after season.There really are no rules. It’s a TV show, and whether it’s real is irrelevant. The producers want to make money off of it, so any “rule” can freely be broken. Each season is different as someone from the season before is always the new Bachelor or Bachelorette.
The first episode is always the same. Guys or girls do something crazy to get the attention of the only person of the opposite sex that they will see for a long while. It sometimes seems as if the housemates fight over the bachelor just so other girls can’t have him. There is always that girl that isn’t there for the right reason, and every season it gets brought up early in the show, and at the end of the season.
Each rose ceremony throughout the season gets more and more dramatic. The Bachelor always keeps that one girl who no one likes, but somehow he likes her. He also throws in that little statement, “this is the hardest rose ceremony ever.” Girls cry at the end because either their BBF, (or Best Friend For now) got kicked off, or someone stayed who they hate with their whole body.Each season the setting changes. Locations, date ideas, and cuisines all change constantly providing at least some change to the static plot of the show. If anything this just helps with future date ideas on my end. (Minus the trips to Italy, meeting the Rockettes, and plenty other dates that are out of my price range.)
To be honest, I have slowly grown out of the Bachelor phase. Every season has the same cookie cutter template to it, just with different people. Even the change in scenery is always some exotic location that after awhile all seem to be the same.

I understand if someone is new to the show why you find it interesting. Some of the fighting and drama is entertaining. Even the show after the show, (The Bachelor: Women Tell All) is the biggest chance for extreme drama to start because all the girls are sitting within a 5 yard radius. Yes, I will probably tune in to see what they do, and recap the season. Other than that I don’t think I will be keeping up with the show more than that.

Maybe in a few seasons, I will miss seeing the same episode every week with new faces and I just might go to ABC on Sunday nights to find out what the latest drama is.
James Teutschmann
West Wind Editor-in-Chief