“Spring Break” isn’t really a break



Spring Break is the time of year when students and teachers let themselves indulge in relaxation–relaxation varying from just hanging out at home or traveling to a warm, sandy beach.

Vacations are often scheduled around this break, it’s recognized throughout the country, and everyone looks forward to it. Really, who doesn’t look forward to not having school for a week?

I’d like to say spring break ends what I refer to as the “Second Semester Slump” or basically the slow, dreary, senioritis filled part of the school year that starts in January.

That is, if I was able to say I had a real Spring Break.

Bellevue Public Schools basically spreads out the days that could potentially be used for a spring break, and apparently there’s no real reason.

So, we have a two week “Holiday Break,” but then a “Winter Break” as well. Winter break merely lasts Feb. 14-18, over a weekend. Some may say the point of having smaller breaks instead of a long one is because the district likes to provide a few days off before Easter. This year, these days are currently, (and might I add wrongly) named our “Spring Break.” Mar. 29 through April 1–another “break” that happens over a weekend. You don’t have a “5 day break” when we’re already guaranteed all Saturdays and Sundays off.

This happens every year without fail, and students complain every year, without fail.

The school board should start taking questions over why we aren’t given a spring break into serious consideration. Having a spring break would reduce absences, as many families go on trips regardless of missing school, and give parents a set time to plan these trips in order to avoid just that.

Even if a spring break wasn’t accompanied by a trip or vacation, it would still be appreciated and, as I see it, have no cons and satisfy the majority.

Bri Thomas
Videographer and West Wind News Editor