How tights go from pretty to hobo-chic: Hitting the Runway



Sometimes, I feel like people don’t pay any attention to the weekly forecast. In case you haven’t noticed, it is December, and the the shorts should be packed away. Sure, the weather outside hasn’t been too frightful, but it has definitely been too chilly for shorts.
Now instead of wearing just shorts, people are wearing shorts with tights. Just because you add tights to shorts does not make it winter appropriate. When the high of the day is 37 degrees, do you really want to be caught outside in shorts? The tights will not make it less cold, but rather make you look as if you are trying too hard to make an out-of-season fashion trend work.
No matter how hard you try, there is no cute way to pair shorts and tights. If you found a cute pair of printed or cut-out tights, wear them with a sweater dress.

Though tights with shorts is not a-okay, it does not mean tights are out of style.  I love the look of tights, just be careful how you wear them.

Cut-out tights are definitely in right now. There are so many to choose from. My favorites are the floral tights. These are cute because they put a twist on just wearing ordinary black ones. For those of you a little intimidated by changing up a typical look into something more on the edgy side, cut-out tights are tights that have a design on them made out of an assortment of holes. Normally, tights with holes are trashy looking, but if they are meant to be there, it is a good statement to make.

A lot of times girls will wear tights with a cute dress or skirt. This is a cute fashion statement, but the whole look can go from bad to good if you have a big gaping hole in your non-cut-out tights. I understand that not snagging your tights is a little on the challenging side, but it is not impossible. If there is a hole in your tights, it can make your look go from pretty to hobo-chic.

A little trick my dance teacher taught me years ago was when you see a small snag in your tights, put some clear nail polish over it to prevent from further running. This might not completely save them forever, but you will at least get a few more good wears out of them.

This will jazz up the plain sweater dress and you can sport your tights without making a definite fashion no-no.

There are tons of trends winter has to offer, there is no reason to try to make summer clothing work in the fall, because in the end, it will not work. Show off your tights with a cute dress, and keep your shorts out of sight until summer.
Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger