Spring playlist from The Thunderbeat staff


Graphic by Raegan Rains

Spring is a time for revival and the coming of warmer weather. To celebrate this new season, the Thunderbeat newspaper staff have come together to compile a list of songs that remind us of spring, accompanied by a little blurb explaining the choices.


Reporter Nat Thomas: “Afterglow” by Taylor Swift

This song reminds me of spring a lot because of its theme of new beginnings and moving on from the past, which is kind of how I’m feeling about winter right now. This theme is also carried on through the transition of Taylor Swift in her “Reputation” era (which is winter) to her much happier and upbeat era of “Lover” (Spring). Taylor herself is an ever changing artist so I think a song by her is essential to any spring playlist. 

Opinion Editor Cole Schreck: “Hot Rod” by Dayglow

I don’t know how to describe it– this song is just spring. The sound of this song reminds me of those distant childhoods where I would wake up to a slightly foggy morning with dew blanketing the grass. Then, the sky would burst with light later in the day and everything became bright and happy. That’s what this song feels like and perfectly embodies. The guitar is calming yet energetic, just like that blooming feeling spring brings with it. Overall, it’s just a great song that reminds me of childhood and actually being excited for spring.

Editor-in-chief Jacki Petrow: “Things that make it warm” by Cavetown

Mentioning spring reminds me of the world finally coming back to life, of the sun bringing real warmth, and of the instinctual desire to ignore any and all homework and go frolic in a lovely meadow. From the moment I first heard it, Cavetown’s “Things that make it warm” has given me the same feeling as the warming sun on those cherished first days of spring. Its themes of love and commitment feel reminiscent of a deep happiness that the season basks in, and the focus of the song on nature- as singer Robbie Skinner seems to describe himself as a bird building his nest- serves as a welcome reminder of the importance of those little things. 

Co- Editor-in-chief Emmalie Herd: “Learning to Fly” by Sheppard

“Learning to Fly” was released at the end of 2020, a year that created lots of doubt for people across the globe. George Sheppard wrote this song with the intention of bringing out one’s inner child and reminding people of the joy that can be found in life. He causes people to question when they forgot to live life for all its wonder. The song is a great way to reconnect with the world around us and remind ourselves what life should be lived for while driving down an open road in spring. The song’s lyrics uplift and inspire and would leave anyone ready to take on life with a whole new mindset.

Entertainment Editor Caitlyn Wohlford: “Amber” by 311

“Amber” by 311 is the perfect way to get in the mood for warm weather. Not only is the band from Omaha, Nebraska but they have recently been blowing up on Tiktok because of “Amber.” This song prepares you for summer, it fills your head with an image of being outside on a nice beach. 

Sports Editor Mia Fox: “Ignite the Love” by Kid Cudi

Ignite the Love” by Kid Cudi is part of his newest album ‘Entergalactic’, he even took this album a step further and partnered with Kenya Barris to create a beautifully animated movie for it that is streaming on Netflix. This is a soothing song about finding new love and letting yourself fall into a relationship without relapsing into old patterns. The lyrics talk about the dreamlike feeling a relationship can be and how their love feels like it was made specifically for them. The instruments and humming sound somewhat melancholy in the beginning until he starts talking about their love and it feels like the song is given a whole new life. 

Broadcast Manager Beck Frazier: “Manila” by Ray Dalton and Alvaro Soler

This song just makes me feel like you can just escape from the world and have fun. Throughout the song, the lyrics repeat diving into the ocean, feeling free, and just living a little bit. What better way to capture the essence of waiting for summer to begin? It’s a very upbeat song that helps you envision yourself on vacation with whomever and not having a care in the world about what happens.

Reporter McKenzie Hendrix:  “I’m just a kid” by Simple plan 

I chose “I’m Just a Kid” by Simple Plan because of the way it makes me feel. Every time I listen to it I think of my mom, sister and I in the car, with the windows down, singing as loud as we can. It’s one of my favorite memories and I’m glad I get to have a song that goes along with it. This song just also gives me good vibes and it makes me want to dance no matter what mood I’m in. 

Reporter Raegan Rains: “Superbloom” by MisterWives

When I listen to this song I think of a breakthrough– a revival. Perhaps I could dredge up some deeper reason; I could analyze the lyrics and explore my own beliefs of what spring means to me– but I am not happy enough nor am I in love with the rainiest season of the year. All this to mean, “Superbloom” is a cheerful, triumphant song that gives one a little pep in their step. Springy, if you will. 

Social Media Manager Claire Wood: “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac

Within the first few chords on the song “Rhiannon”, I’m transported to listening to this song with the windows and doors open and the sun shining: the epitome of spring. Not only is this song catchy, actually listening to the lyrics, it tells the story of the Welsh witch, Rhiannon who is always moving and can’t be tied down– what a queen. This song has each end of the stick, dancing and yelling the lyrics, relating to the warm sunny days of spring. Or just humming and bopping your head to it, equalling the rainy gloomy days. The acoustics in the song scream spring. The mellow tone of Stevie Nicks to the high and elongated emphasis on the word Rhiannon gives a range of different emotion and takes me back to dancing with my parents to the song in the kitchen.  

Broadcast Manager Fletcher Anders: “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

The song “Mr. Blue Sky” gets me hyped up for spring to begin. The music is super upbeat which rejuvenates me after a long, hard winter. From the beginning, the tune gets me excited and motivated to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. This song reminds me of when I was younger and playing outside in the streets with no worries at all. This song brings a newly found excitement for the upcoming months going into summer. This is a must listen when heading into the spring season. 

Reporter Chloe McAleer: “A Dream of You” by Far Caspian

After listening to this song once, I knew I was hooked. The airy vocals along with the enchanting instruments reminds me of the slow transition from winter to spring. The rhythmic keyboard acts to encapsulate the listener in a dreamy mist of notes; something that reminds me of waking up to fresh dew and the smell of flowers on an early spring morning. In addition to the keyboard, the soft guitar strums brighten the song, adding a sense of warmth that keeps me coming back. Overall, the song is a bliss to listen to and reminds me of bright sunny days in my backyard.