Budget Valentine’s Day with $10 dates

Caitlyn Wohlford, Entertainment Editor

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and going out and doing fun dates might be hard because of the cost. Since this might be difficult for two average high school students, here are some ways you can hang out on a budget.

Bringing the movie theater to your own home

Going to any local gas station, or even a store and buying lots of junk food just to go back home and watching movies is a cheap alternative to going to the movies. Now if you’re craving the movie’s salty popcorn, there are now options at most movie theaters like Marcus Twin Creek Cinema where you can preorder popcorn and eat it under your own roof. Although for a large popcorn you might go over your budget since the cost is usually $9 or more, so instead you can go to a local dollar tree or five and below and buy cheap $3 candy.     

Going out and staying active

Depending on the weather, going out to a public park or your community’s rec center can be a fun date while staying active. Since the temperature has been cool lately, it would be easy to walk around American Heroes Park, or even play games of catch outside. Either way these are both fun options for you and your date to do.

Cheaply getting creative

You and your date can buy some cheap crayons or paint supplies from the Dollar Store and get creative. This would only bring your cost up to $6 or more for both crayons and paint supplies. Both of you can draw a little line and start adding to each other’s artwork, which could be funny if you don’t consider yourself creative. If you aren’t feeling that idea maybe try painting each other’s portraits, and show each other at the end.

Buy stuff under $10 and make a cake

If baking is more you and your partner’s thing rather than panting, going to the store and buying cheap ingredients may be your thing. Walmart has brownie mixes for $1.94, add in frosting for $1.89 and it’s still well under $10.