New Bellevue Public School app released

Claire Wood, Social Media Manager

Bellevue Public Schools released their new mobile app to the public in November. It is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, when searching Bellevue Public Schools. 

Five years ago Bellevue Public Schools started the strategic plan process, which included the priority of engaging the community. Director of Communications Amanda Oliver said they revisit what they had then and began planning for a new service for the public. 

“Our big goal was to do as much research as we could do on the front end,” Oliver said. 

 She observed and interviewed other districts on the tools other schools used. From there they started demos for a new communication system. 

They launched the notification system first, and then the website the next year, followed by the mobile app this year. 

Oliver said they had officially signed on with their new vendor, Blackboard, a few months before the pandemic. 

The app includes a log in where parents can see students’ grades, missing assignments and upcoming assignments. They can also see their child’s lunch balance and their attendance.

The app includes a calendar that is specific to the student, and all the events from the school the student attends can be added to a personal calendar. 

“The new goal is to get the app set up so high school students would be able to download the app and see their information as well,” Oliver said.