No committee leaves after-prom at risk

Claire Wood, Social Media Manager

Every year after prom, there is an additional party for students to attend at the school. However this year, there is a possibility of no after prom. 

After prom is a parent-led function. Throughout the year a committee gets together and plans what it will look like, the theme, what events will be there and setting it up. So far, no parents have signed up. 

“Over the last few years, we’ve had similar situations, but I’ve always had parents step up in the end,” Activities Director, Jon Mauro said. “But as of now, which is late November, no one has stepped up.”

Mauro said there needs to be eight to 10 parents on the committee to put it all together. Prom is on April 29, so Mauro said the sooner the committee is built the better. 

In the past, after proms included a show from a hypnotist, a bouncy house, loads of food and several games to play. Most things which need to be ordered way in advance. 

The school board treasurers report from the Dec 5 board of education meeting shows the $9,735 budget for the after prom committee. 

Principal Kevin Rholfs said that if there isn’t a committee by Dec 2, it will limit the possibilities of what parents can reserve for after prom. 

Parents of students from any grade can join the committee by emailing or calling Kathie Britten to start. Her email is [email protected], and her phone number is 402-827-5990.