Junior projects address serious issues


From suicide to environmental issues, junior projects cover a wide variety of topics that are issues in the community. Every year, the junior class does a major project that makes up a large portion of their English grade. These projects are then presented to their class.

These projects start out with a variety of ideas that the groups come up with. Junior Paige Weil’s group chose suicide prevention for her project.

“I got the idea [of suicide prevention] from a sophomore project, and [our group] really connected to it,” Weil said.

After deciding on their subject, the juniors set out to research and find more out about their project.

“We talked to some organizations through email, but we got a lot of our information off the internet,” junior Lauren Hanson said.

This project has both challenges and benefits to it.

“One [challenge] is remembering all the deadlines and getting your stuff in on time,” Hanson said.

One of the biggest benefits, students say, is how this project both educates their students on their topic and sometimes even can change their perspective.

“I’ve realized how much of a problem this is, and how people don’t really do much to acknowledge it,” Hansen said.

The junior class project is not only an important part of their grade, but a learning experience that will change the way juniors think about the problems people in our community face. Junior projects are due by the end of this semester. Official due dates vary depending on the teacher and class.

Megan Yanders
Website Calendar Editor and Reporter