Bellevue West students selected for all-state band and choir

Claire Wood, Social Media Manager

Twelve choir students and four band students from Bellevue West made The Nebraska Music Education Association’s 2022 all-state ensembles

Chris Nelson, Kaitlyn Parker, Jacki Petrow, Elise Curtis, Addi Stueve, Zhenja Wallin, Jessie Villezcas, Nathan Denton, Joe Reimer, Tyler Kalinowski, Trevor Slachetka, Braydon Dome (alt), Natalie McNamara (alt), were all selected to perform. 

At the end of last year, all students wanting to audition for all-state band or choir were given their music for the audition to prepare beforehand. Since then, they had met with their instructors and practiced with their preferred methods, slowly getting ready for auditions. 

“I practiced during the hour before I left for my afternoon classes,” Parker said. “Having band directors that have high levels of education is also helpful; They were a great source of feedback.”

Auditions were held September 14-28. During this time, both band and choir students had a one-time recording that they then sent to the NMEA. They waited about three weeks to get the results. 

“Everyone who’s going to audition practices together or individually,” junior Trevor Slachetka said. 

Consistently rehearsing the same audition piece helped the musicians bring personal growth. 

“Spending hours on the same chunks of music definitely helped me learn more about my instrument and its tendencies,” Parker said.

Both band and choir will perform a variety of musical selections at the Lied Center in Lincoln on November 18. All-state choir will perform at 4:30 p.m. and all-state band and orchestra at 7:30 p.m.