FBLA takes on a new point system


The Future Business Leaders of America club is trying to require individual and group participation by implementing a new point system to their club.

The points system is a new system started by FBLA advisor Pat Hinkle that gives students points for everything they do that is FBLA related. They receive points for things such as community work, service work, attending speaking engagements, or simply showing up to meetings.

“Everything they do earns them points and the longer the activity is, the more points they receive for it,” Hinkle said.

The idea behind the points was to require a student to have a certain amount of points in order to go to “enjoy the fun activities” such as an FBLA conference or trip. The FBLA trip to Denver for example, required students 100 points to go.

“If you want to be in an organization you are expected to do the work that goes along with it and in FBLA the points system makes sure students aren’t trying to get away with not doing anything don’t get rewarded with the fun activities we participate in,” Hinkle said.

Active 2nd year FBLA member, sophomore Lizzie Hudson, agreed with Hinkle saying she likes the points.

“The system is fair and easy to follow. If you choose to not be in the activities, you don’t get to participate in the fun things we get to do,” Hudson said.

The points system has been a part of the organization for years, but this year Hinkle has been putting it into action.

“I like that we enforce the point system this year because it helps me see every student individually and I can see students grow,” Hinkle said.

Hinkle plans on keeping the points system for years to come due to its success keeping students on task, participating in multiple activities, and actually gaining something important to learning.

Holly Clauson