Creativity still needs organization

Taylor Horton, Reporter

My dominant brain rests on the right hemisphere. This means that my life is full of art, creativity, and imagination. My hobbies include painting, skateboarding, and many more solo activities that rest on my own schedule and creativity. Being “right-brained” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I find myself lacking others’ organization. 

Emmalie is my counterpart, having a dominant left brain, that is demonstrated through her organization and writing. She is far more organized while I can be…chaotic to say the least. However, we make two halves of one amazing friendship and work perfectly together. Without consciously thinking, I often go to Emmalie for any of my organizing, studying, or school work needs and she comes to me with any issues she’s having with people or creativity.

According to the Medical News Today website, right-brainers are creative, free-thinking, and intuitive. They are also good at problem solving and generally more comfortable with the unknown. Design, people services, and marketing are more appealing industries for right-brain dominant people. I know this to be true in my own life because my ideal fields of work are all design based.

Directly correlating with my right-brain dominance, I create easily. Whether it’s tunes, art, or ideas, they come to me quickly and constantly. Because I lack organization though, most of these creations don’t ever materialize. It’s truly a blessing and a curse.

Right brain dominance doesn’t mean that I have no qualities of a left-brainer though. Some of my most typical behaviors are actually qualities of being left brain. For example, I stick to routine foods, and I’ve always been detail oriented. 

However, I have many more qualities of a right-brain dominant person. According to the website Life Hack, there are seven easy characteristics of a right brain and six of a left brain. I check off all seven of the right brain qualities and two of the six left brain qualities. That’s why it’s called dominance rather than strictly left or right. Though I am right-brained, I owe it to both halves of my brain that I am a functioning human.