Five things you might not know about girls tennis

Emmalie Herd, Features Editor

At matches the girls can compete in exhibition matches.

 An exhibition match is a match that allows them to participate in a match that is the opposite style than what they competed with that day. If someone had played a doubles match that day then they could play a singles exhibition match to get experience without it counting towards the team’s final score.

Sonny Sobczyk
(Sarah Breaux)

The uniforms for girls tennis change every year.

 In previous years, there have been various combinations of different colors but this year the uniform is a black tennis skirt and a black tank top with the Bellevue West thunderbird on it. “We’re stepping on the court intimidating people with our black on black,” sophomore Sarah Simmons said.

Presley Liberty
(Sarah Breaux)

At practice the tennis team plays games every week or so. 

One of these games is called “Ramen Noodles,” In Ramen Noodles the players have a certain number of lives and when a player hits a ball out of bounds they lose one of these lives. According to Kayla MIller, the game teaches the players how to not make little mistakes.

Zhyael Dotzler
(Sarah Breaux)

Tennis players do a lot of running. 

To keep their stamina during matches the girls run during practice. Matches can last up to an hour or two and the girls consider endurance an important part of tennis.

Ally Miller
(Sarah Breaux)

At matches the tennis players have a clever way to make decisions. 

When making a decision like who gets to pick which side of the court they play on, they will spin a racket. They will pick a symbol for each person (like a coin’s heads or tails) and then spin the racket like a top and whichever side it lands on is who gets to pick.