Social Media Manager Claire Wood shares best places to visit in spring in Omaha area

Claire Wood, Social Media Manager

  • Seymour Smith Park

Seymour Smith Park is a perfect place to hang out in the spring. There are many trees to shade the perfect picnic spots, and several picnic tables for those who aren’t fond of the ground. There is a playground for the kids or for the kids at heart, as well as a baseball field and skate park. It’s a great park to hang out with friends or family and gets you outside to soak up the great weather. 

  • Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium 

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is one of the best places to be in the spring. It’s not boiling hot from the summer sun and it’s not freezing cold from the snow. Most of your time at the zoo will likely be spent outside, but if the sun gets a bit too intense there are several shaded and building areas you can check out as well. My personal favorite is the aquarium, as I could sit and watch the penguins play for hours. You could spend your whole day at the zoo looking at all the animals and playing around on the infrastructures. There are many food stalls in the different ethinic areas and they have a variety of different foods.  You definitely won’t regret a spring day at the zoo. 

  • Halleck Park

Halleck Park is a beautiful place with different areas that can contribute to your likings that day. There are baseball fields and volleyball courts for the athletic, and the duck pond and walking trails for the fishers and the serene view enjoyers. Dogs are allowed and Halleck Park would be a great place to take yours on a walk. For an actual activity, Halleck Park contains Papio Bay Aquatic Center, a public pool, and the Papio Fun Park, a place of outdoor activities and games. The park provides for every member of the family’s needs. The park itself is free but the Bay and Fun Park have prices listed on their websites. 

  • Fontenelle Forest 

Enjoy the nice spring breeze while on the ground or in the sky. Fontenelle Forest has two main things that are perfect during the spring season. Spring brings about the new plants that are growing once again and the beautiful colors of the flowers and trees around the forest. Walking around on the trail without the hard heat of a summer sun makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. If walking around isn’t your cup of tea, completing the obstacle courses on the TreeRush Adventures is another way to enjoy the spring weather. 

  • Lauritzen Gardens 

Lauritzen Gardens is a botanical garden that allows you to view the plants around you both inside and outside. There is a building that holds a small garden that usually serves a display or some sort to go with the season, and outside there are walking trails. While there, you can also walk up to Kenefick Park and look at the view from the trains. The garden brings new plants every season, but the spring is the perfect time to go and enjoy the weather slinging with the botanicals.