Temporary equipment allows Bellevue locals to express creativity

Claire Wood, Social Media Manager

For years the Bellevue Public Library has served as a place for reading and research, but new additions to the library have given it an updated purpose. 

The Bellevue Public Library has housed new temporary equipment such as an embroidery machine, 3D printer, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and more since May of 2021. These machines have brought more people and attention to the library. 

This equipment was given to the library on behalf of Library Innovation Studios. According to Bellevue Public Library’s Head of Adult Services Laura Whitehead, the innovation studios was rewarded a $715,732 grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and have used the money to bring opportunities that are not normally accessible for locals. 

“This strengthening of the maker culture in Nebraska communities is expected to stimulate creativity, innovation, and the exchange of ideas,” Whitehead said.

According to Whitehead, anyone who wants to use the equipment must become certified for the machine first. Each class takes less than an hour for each machine you’d like to get trained on. After becoming certified, anything is free to use, with certain age restrictions. 

“We hold periodic certification classes on all of the equipment and also hold classes on demand for patrons wanting to be certified for a particular project,” Whitehead said.

Unfortunately, the equipment won’t be at the library for much longer; the staff at the library is not exactly sure when the equipment is leaving, but they are hopeful it’s still there by Thanksgiving. 

“In the meantime, we are beginning fundraising efforts in order to be able to purchase some of the equipment to place permanently in the library,” Whitehead said.

Patrons interested in these and other services and events at the Bellevue Public Library can find more information on their website https://bellevuelibrary.org/calendar-events.