Scooter’s provides ‘fun,’ familiar work for high school students

Mia Fox, Sports Editor

Scooter’s Coffee has been a popular coffee franchise since 1998. Scooter’s Coffee has been a successful business for over two decades, but what makes the coffeehouse special to Bellevue is the students that work there. 

The first-ever Scooter’s was started in Bellevue, Nebraska and the first store is still open today. Many students at Bellevue West said they chose Scooter’s as their first job to prepare them for future careers and build lasting relationships with customers and coworkers. 

“I really just enjoy the environment, because everyone is really caring, and it’s really fun,” junior Addisyn Stueve said. “It’s really fun to work with other people that are around your same age.” 

Junior Isabella Womochil-Torrez said that working with other students is beneficial because they can build an already-existing relationship with another coworker and they can always talk about homework together. 

Choosing a first job can be quite stressful, especially when balancing school with work. According to Stueve, choosing an enjoyable job is most important or work can become mentally draining.

“Find a job that you know is not going to stress you out even more before you start working there,” Stueve said. 

According to senior Austin Wright, Scooter’s is better than the average fast-food franchise because of its menu variety. There are always different options for everyone, you can get hot, iced, blended, or brewed coffee and on the days you want something different there’s always tea and smoothies. 

Wright said, when working in a fast-food restaurant you will be dealing with customers, especially when it comes to a popular coffee franchise. When it comes to coffee there’s a very large following which results in all types of customers. 

Wright added that seeing regular customers during shifts makes the job more fun. Some of these customers become regulars because of their coffee cravings, this leads to employees and customers forming strong bonds. 

“The customers are definitely my favorite part, especially forming relationships with them,” said Wright.