Sink your teeth into Breaking Dawn Part 2


Twilight fans, the wait is over. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” was released in theaters on November 15 at 10pm. Theaters all over the world had fans in line anticipating the end to the saga.

Before the movie’s release a CNN interview with Taylor Lautner (Twilight’s Jacob Black) revealed “a twist ending” to “Breaking Dawn Part 2”.
For those who have read the book they know what to expect in the movie, so adding something unexpected and that wasn’t in the book was a good surprise and a creative way to end it. For the most part though, it did stick to the book.

I like reading the books and then going to the movies and seeing my favorite scenes come to life. Sometimes I picture the scene differently than how it’s portrayed in the film but it ends up being better than how I had imagined it.

It picked up right where “Part 1” left off, with Bella opening her red eyes after changing into a vampire and being saved from dying.

One complaint that I have is how digitally animated Renesmee looked. Renesmee is Bella and Edward’s daughter. Up until the end she looked too fake, like a cartoon. This ruined the movie a little for me considering that she was such a big part in it.

There’s a vampire in the movie that has the power to make someone see what she wants them to see. In one scene she makes Edward picture himself in a jungle, the special effects for this particular scene were very poor.

This movie, out of all of the Twilight films, had the biggest cast. They chose the actors perfectly. How they were described in the book fit who was chosen to play them in the movie.

Although I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out and I was excited, it is the end which is a little depressing. No more anticipating another movie, no more midnight premieres, and no more long lines of Twilight fans.

It is the end, but the last movie was great. I definitely enjoyed it and plan to go watch it a second time.

Nayeli Hernandez