RestauranTOUR: Editor-in-Chief Meg Gross shares her favorite local Italian restaurants

Meg Gross, Editor-In-Chief

According to the National Restaurant Association, 90,000 restaurants closed permanently during the pandemic. Despite struggles of small businesses during a universally difficult year, many local restaurants are still open and serving in the Bellevue and Omaha area. This new Thunderbeat series highlights local restaurants in the Bellevue/Omaha community. 

Italian food is one of my family’s go-to cuisines, so we’re always looking for new places to try. Out of the many Italian eateries we’ve been to, these four local picks top my list. 

Luigi’s – 101 W Mission Ave.

Located in Downtown Bellevue, Luigi’s is family owned and opened in 2015. At least twice a week, my mom suggests we pick it up. Luigi’s serves well in both take-out and dine-in, making it an easy dinner for anyone. The menu has plenty of choices, almost making it too hard to pick, but I always go for the “Penne alla Vodka” with the family favorite ravioli appetizer. Pasta is served on a huge plate, so be ready to bring home leftovers. 

Roma Italian Restaurant – 605 Fort Crook Rd.

Roma seems to be the Italian place for Bellevue residents. Family owned and operated, Roma has great, quick service. Roma serves plentiful portions and has a home-cooked feeling to every dish, but arguably the best thing to grab at Roma is the complimentary bread rolls. After rolls and a huge plate of pasta, be prepared to leave stuffed.

Spaghetti Works – 8416 Park Dr. 

On one hungry night with my friends, we grabbed a table at Spaghetti Works. My friends were stunned that I had never been there, but I was more stunned that I could order a plate of pasta with up to 3 different sauces, all separated into their own portions on the same plate. The pesto cream sauce was my favorite by far. The huge salad bar added to my new-found love for Spaghetti Works.

Lo Sole Mio – 3001 S 32nd Ave.

Finally, we have Lo Sole Mio in Omaha. It is another family owned and operated establishment with the best complimentary bruschetta. This restaurant lies on the pricier side, but it is so worth it. Although this list was written in no specific order, Lo Sole Mio is my number one pick by far, and I’d say many fellow Bellevue/Omaha residents would agree. Lo Sole Mio is always packed with ample parking; they don’t take reservations, so you’ll want to plan ahead to get your table.