Bellevue West Athletics moves to pay-per-view model for sports broadcasts

Owen Reimer, Entertainment Editor

Beginning with Thursday’s football game, all broadcasting for Bellevue West sporting events will be accessible through 

Activities Director Jon Mauro said that both the South Gym and football field will use cameras from Hudl to broadcast “all the games in those arenas, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, track, whatever we can out there, and then do all the levels.”

Mauro said the cost to consumers will be used just like any money paid to attend events in person.

“All that money goes right back into those programs, whether it’s buying equipment, uniforms, paying for tournament’s different programs or paying for officials, paying for workers,” Mauro said.

Some varsity events will still be produced by The Thunderbeat staff, who will announce and run cameras. Although these have not changed, broadcasting rights are now owned by the school, and viewers will be required to purchase online access.

A reason for this change has been the decline of physical attendance numbers. Last year, because of COVID-19 restrictions, broadcasts provided by The Thunderbeat were posted on YouTube for free. Due to a lack of in-person ticket sales, Mauro saw a cause for change.

“We need people to come to the games and pay and watch people and have an interest there,” Mauro said. “We felt like the live stream was encouraging people to stay home a little bit, we want them to have that capability. We also want to be able to, to raise money to help with our programs here at school. “

Access to individual football games will be $10, or a season pass for $50. Similarly, individual volleyball broadcasts will be $10, or a season pass for $60. Prices for winter sports have not been set.