Mu Alpha Theta welcomes new inductees

Kristin Kennedy, Broadcast Manager

Thirty-eight students were inducted into Mu Alpha Theta in a ceremony in the commons on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary program for high school and two year colleges. Math teacher Angela Daughtrey said it offers many benefits such as honors for graduation, stands out on college resumes, and most importantly it’s for people who have a passion for math. 

“It’s a place for kids who enjoy math to get to do math things,” Daughtrey said.

According to senior Jason Bonner, who was inducted last year, in Mu Alpha Theta meetings they do a lot of fun activities even when it’s not math related, such as Jeopardy.  Students also learn the history of math and how it works.

“Pre-COVID we would have meetings once a month,” Daughtrey said. “We would have trivia but COVID has put a bit of a damper on all of that this year.”  

Junior Katelyn Fjelstad said that she wanted to be a part of Mu Alpha Theta because it’s another way to be involved in school and dive deeper into math. 

Daughtrey explained that students have to adhere to specific requirements: have a B average, have to have taken advanced Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and also take college prep math courses. Once those have been met students can petition to join in the first quarter of Pre-Calculus. 

To prepare for Mu Alpha Theta, senior Kristin Hansen said that she made sure she took the advanced math classes and got the grades she needed.

“I enjoy being in a group with other people who find math fun as well,” Hansen said.