Kevin Lloyd knows how to #BeKind

Brooke Jones, Managing Editor

During pitch day for our first non-printed print issue, I asked around about possible people to use for a personality profile. The answer was nearly unanimous: Kevin Lloyd. People described him as one of the most selfless and kind people they’ve ever met, one person saying he made Quizlets for classes he’s not even in. Yes, Quizlets for classes he’s never even taken. I knew I had to meet him.

Our first meeting started with him repeatedly thanking me for interviewing him. “It’s such an honor,” he said as he eagerly awaited the questions. 

While talking to his peers and teachers, a few common themes came up. They all noted his strong work ethic, his kindness towards others, and the positivity that he carries with him every day. Junior Chase Van Briesen said that he’s hardly ever seen Lloyd in a bad mood.

“I can’t think of a time where I’ve really seen Kevin destroyed,” Van Briesen said. “I’ve seen times when he’s been a little upset but I can’t say I’ve ever seen him super out of it. He always keeps a positive attitude.”

He’s just always been there for anyone who needs him

— Chase Van Briesen

Van Briesen is a long time friend of Lloyd’s. Their friendship dates all the way back to elementary school where Van Briesen said that he was just as positive. 

“He’s just always been there for anyone who needs him,” Van Briesen said. “If anyone’s going through something he’s willing to drop almost everything and help them or at least guide them in the right direction. He always makes people smile.”

One of the main things that his peers noted was the fact that he makes Quizlets to help not only himself, but to help others study.

“He’s wicked smart,” Van Briesen said. “He made Quizlets for our music theory class and world history. He just makes Quizlets and helps people out with that in whatever way he can.” 

Lloyd credited his dedication to making Quizlets to his study habits, saying they’ve helped him a lot throughout high school.

“I’ve always been pretty bad at studying,” Lloyd said. “Quizlets have helped me a lot so sometimes I just do them for other people.”

Marching band director Marques Eckhoff has known Lloyd since he began percussion in seventh grade and said has always had a strong drive to learn. Eckhoff noted his intellectual abilities when it came to music and school.

“He’s a phenomenal piano player,” Eckhoff said. “He’s also really good at math, which goes well together. They’re very similar and that analytical thinking works well for both.”

Every summer about two weeks before school starts, the marching band hosts a camp where new and returning members get to meet and practice. Eckhoff says that Kevin has helped students feel welcomed every year.

“He helps other kids with their transitions,” Eckhoff said. “They get excited to come here because they show up and Kevin’s laughing and smiling so they feel really welcomed.”

Lloyd says that this year especially he has taken on more responsibility during band camp.

“I try to welcome the freshmen as much as I can,” Lloyd said. “As an upperclassman my role has definitely changed to where I have to take a lot more responsibility.”

Lloyd said he plans on continuing his musical career after West as a music teacher. He says one of the main reasons he wants to teach is to help others.

“Teaching is pretty great because you get to meet all new people and help them through tough times and help them become better people,” Lloyd said.