Teamwork, communication contributes to volleyball’s success

Claire Wood, Reporter

While facing changes in the team’s roster, the girls volleyball team maintained their competitiveness in order to earn a place in the Omaha World-Herald Class A top ten.    

“The dynamic is definitely different than in years past but they are doing a really good job of adjusting and getting to know one another and getting better each match,” head coach Christina Krajicek said.

The 2020-21 varsity team is a mix of girls from last year’s team, upcoming junior varsity players and incoming freshmen–different from past years where the girls usually played together throughout the four years.   

Last year we struggled a lot with losing to bigger teams, so this year is such a good accomplishment and it makes us feel good about the rest of the season,” junior Kealy Kiviniemi said. 

Krajicek said the girls are creating a new bond and learning to work together as a team without senior leadership. 

“We trained this whole entire year and to have the same team next year, we’ll be pretty strong,” Kiviniemi said.

Freshman Quinn Groves said that teamwork is very important in their group, and based on the constant communication and support on the court it’s evident how crucial teamwork is. They’ve mastered their communication, and the encouraging huddles between each volley, making sure to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and the delegation of roles, show all the aspects of good teamwork.

We had our best attendance overall in the time that I’ve been there throughout their summer conditioning this year,” Krajicek said. 

The team’s daily practice and the reported attendance by Krajicek at summer conditioning shows the girls willingness to do what it takes to continue to improve. 

You have to work together, you can’t work separately,” Groves said. 

A previous version of this story incorrectly cited the NSAA as the rankings source. We regret the error