Metro conference announces changes to COVID-19 fan attendance policy

Gnally Boukar, Copy Editor

The Metro conference modified the COVID-19 fan attendance policy. Originally attendance was limited to four family members per athlete; a new policy was approved by superintendents on Sept. 14 to allow for up to six members per student athlete. 

This new amendment also allows for seniors to attend fall sports home games. Activities Director Jon Mauro said the conference is allowing 100 students for varsity away football games. 

“What we decided was we had 100 tickets, basically, and the idea is to limit capacity so we’ve offered those to seniors first,” Mauro said. “Then if we have extra tickets available we will make them available to anyone who wants to go.”

Bellevue West announced a lottery system in the case that they had over 100 names sign up. However, Mauro said that they haven’t had to use it because fewer than 50 seniors signed up for the first game. 

“If we did come up with, say 200, seniors put in for the tickets and we only had 100 tickets we would have to come up with some sort of system,” Mauro said. “Whether it’s putting a name in a hat and drawing names or something like that or putting them in a randomizer and have them kick out 100 names for us.”

Leftover tickets not purchased by the seniors will be sold on a first come, first serve basis before games. The next away football game is Oct. 23 against Lincoln High. 

Mauro said that despite requesting family only, the school doesn’t monitor who comes in and out of games as long as they have a purchasing permit. He said that the school has the capacity to have six people per student and continue to prioritize safety. 

“We want them to have six people who are supporting them at the game, that’s kinda our big deal,” Mauro said. “No more than six; we think there’s enough capacity for that.”