BPS partners with John Baylor ACT Prep

Meg Gross, Opinion Editor

Bellevue Public Schools is partnering with “OnToCollege with John Baylor,” an ACT prep program, for Bellevue West and East juniors.

According to West principal Kevin Rohlfs, partnering with Baylor’s program has been something the district has wanted to do for many years.

“Dr. Robert Moore, the [assistant] superintendent, was able to pull together some money for a grant which allowed us to bring in John Baylor,” Rohlfs said. “So we’re excited to be able to get this opportunity.”

The total cost for the program adds up to $30,265 according to Moore.

“The Bellevue Public Schools Education Foundation is covering 50% of the cost and the school district is covering the other 50%,” Moore said.

After winter break, Baylor and “OnToCollege” will begin working with the junior class to prepare for the ACT.

“I personally will deliver about one-third of the course live to Bellevue West and Bellevue East students,” Baylor said. “The math and a few other video sessions will be shown in class.”

Baylor’s program focuses on increasing students’ ACT scores.

“Increasing that ACT score is the best paying job a high school student could ever have because a higher score helps avoid remedial classes and triggers scholarships at two- and four-year colleges,” Baylor said.

The juniors will be working throughout the next semester with the program in lectures, practice quizzes, and lessons.

“Within the school, our juniors will be very busy the first couple months of the new year,” Rohlfs said. “It will really expose us to all four sections of the test.”

This partnership with the program will also benefit seniors.

“By starting now, all BPS seniors, at no cost, have full at-home access immediately to all OnToCollege content for the remaining two ACT tests many colleges still consider for scholarships: the December and February ACTs,” Baylor said.

According to Baylor, the end goal for the program is to get students “fired up” about reaching their academic and future goals at a low cost.

“They’ll see higher scores, bigger scholarships, no remedial classes, and better job offers: the ultimate goals,” Baylor said. “We want test day to be pay day for BPS students.”

Disclaimer: “OnToCollege with John Baylor” purchased ads in The Thunderbeat prior to partnering with BPS.