Why You Should: Listen to “Dear God” by Dax

Quintin Stueve, Webmaster

There have been countless rap songs mentioning religion, with a few directly addressing God, so why should you listen to “Dear God” by Dax?

You should listen to it because Dax is sincere and addresses complex religious issues simply, from a believer’s standpoint. Dax begins the song by telling every listener, “I just want to make this clear. I am a believer. . . but sometimes it gets hard.”

Fans of Dax had been anticipating his release of “Dear God” after he posted on his YouTube Community page, “Serious question. . . Are you religious?” 

With 5,000 likes and 1,000 comments, it clearly sparked people’s interest. Over the weeks leading to the release of “Dear God,” he posted multiple posts hyping his fans more and more. 

On Oct. 10, the song was released. At the beginning of the song, Dax lets everyone know that the message and questions about the past are directed towards God by saying, “I don’t want to hear it from a human/you made it so you’re the last person I’m ever gonna ask.” 

He then goes on to ask some important questions such as, “Why is everything about you a debate?” “Why do I hurt?” and “Why does everything good always have to change?”

The reason this song is so impactful is because there are countless questions for, and praises to God in music, but few songs question God for what he really is. Take Tupac’s “Only God Can Judge Me” for example. While the song’s main purpose is to tell people that he doesn’t care what others say about him, he also praises God for being the only one that can judge people for who they are. He talks about God, but never questions him for who he truly is, and what his real purpose is. 

Dax asks what everyone is too scared to ask. He wants to know that if God is real then why is there so much pain and suffering in the world. He says, “I’m supposed to fear you but you ain’t said **** so maybe it’s you who actually fears me.”  Dax wants to know why he should believe in or fear someone whose existence cannot be proven.

Dax’s whole point is to ask God for answers. Everyone prays to God to help solve problems in the world, so why hasn’t he? Dax ends his song by saying, “I just hope you know that I’m still a believer/so I’ll end this all by saying Amen.” Dax wants to make sure people know he means no harm with this song, but the only one he’ll accept answers from is God himself.

Why should you listen to “Dear God” by Dax? It asks God the questions that most people, let alone rappers, are too afraid to ask.