Jay’s favorite indie-acoustic hits


Jay Walker-Schulte, Entertainment Editor

Your Best American Girl by Mitski

Mitski subverts the romantic acoustic genre with “Your Best American Girl.” It’s an anthem for every girl of color who has felt out of place within the teenage romance market. She grew up in a space between Japanese and American culture, finding it hard to effectively cement herself in the latter. “Your Best American Girl” isn’t meant to be a love song to any boy, but a call to any girl that it’s most important to love herself and her culture.

FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

“FourFiveSeconds” as a concept is completely absurd. Rihanna, West, and McCarney can be considered diametrically opposed characters in the music scene, yet they manage to blend all of their genres into a delicious amalgamation of sound. The combative lyrics are diametrically opposed to the happy acoustic instrumental, building a distinct aesthetic that ties the song together.

George by Lowertown

Lowertown is a relatively obscure indie duo composed of a couple based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their individual voices mingle together on “George,” giving a sentimental, nostalgic feeling of high school bonfires and holding hands with your first significant other. Although the song has a warm and content tone, at a closer look the lyrics are a cynical acknowledgement of impending death.

Nobody by Mac DeMarco

“Nobody” is yet another exceptional piece by DeMarco. Per usual, he skillfully ties together bleary, sombre lyrics with a sunny guitar and bass instrumental. “Nobody” is a serenade to DeMarco’s personal fortune — he couldn’t become a nobody ever again even if he wanted to, stuck in his bottomless pit of fame.