Emily’s Electropop Workout Playlist

Emily Schmidt, Copy Editor

Although rap is the most popular genre of music to listen to while working out, I find I need a little more than just trap drumming and mumbling to get me through my routines. I’ve put together a list of my favorite songs that bring renewed energy and excitement to the repetitiveness of reps or putting one foot in front of the other.

Top Down- Fifth Harmony

Miami-based girl band Fifth Harmony, while currently on hiatus, is well known for a number of Billboard Hot 100 chart singles including “Worth It”, “Sledgehammer”, and “Work From Home.” Consisting of a strong beat assisted by a resounding synth line as well as a refrain with a saucy saxophone melody, “Top Down” is the perfect song to start your workout with and will have you giddily looking forward to any routine you have planned.

Jerk It Out- Caesars

Featured in an array of video games, movie soundtracks, and TV series, “Jerk It Out” is a perfect example of an earworm. It has the sensation of a sugar rush or the moment when the caffeine takes hold. Unconsciously tapping your foot or head-bobbing along is practically a given. Let the infectious, vibrant drumming and iconic keyboard hook carry you through your reps until the endorphins kick in.

Tribe- Kim Viera

Kim Viera’s “Tribe” perfectly captures the female empowerment and bonds the “Pitch Perfect” franchise constantly emphasizes. The resounding drums and busy horn section will leave you feeling more unstoppable than the Barden Bellas after winning the world championship. Stock full of reinforcing and motivating lyrics, the track will incite you to see the best version of yourself and power through your session.

Holla- MAX

Best known for his hit single “Lights Down Low”, MAX brings soaring and commanding vocals to every song of his first studio album “Hell’s Kitchen Angel”. One of the few songs that showcases the flair and animation of his act is “Holla.” MAX’s clear, invigorating high notes paired with the energy of five red bulls and a catchy synth line is fuel to make anyone “holla, holla, holla.” It’s practically made for getting you through that mid-workout lull.

Whine Up- Kat Deluna ft. Elephant Man

Dominican-American musician and dancer Kathleen DeLuna switches between English and Spanish in her debut single. The track topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts in 2007 and was considered a “summertime sure thing” by Billboard. Elephant Man aka the Energy God brings a loud, high-energy (as expected) verse that, while not as fast and aggressive as other rappers, will satisfy rap fans.

Emergency- Icona Pop

Swedish duo Icona Pop is a staple of electropop. Best known for their hit “I Love It”, Icona Pop releases anthems with strong beats and ear-catching instrumentals to back up their vocals. “Emergency” is no exception–with a wicked saxophone hook and a simple, steady beat. The track will make your routine feel less grueling and more like you’re starring in one of those home-exercise DVDs.

How to Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and The Diamonds

Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis has a voice that could hold an audience captive and silent, but she would prefer to have them moving and grooving. Due to her ability to write songs that you could dance and cry to simultaneously, Marina’s music isn’t an obvious or usual choice for working out to. “How to Be a Heartbreaker” provides an uptempo guitar with an incredibly catchy hook that the body has a natural tendency to move to while Marina’s vocals and lyrics allow your brain to escape to somewhere better smelling and quieter than your local gym.

I Want It All- Karmin

There’s no better way to end your session on a high note than with the four on the floor beat and funky bass of Karmin’s “I Want It All.” Popular for a string of hits including “Brokenhearted”, “Acapella”, and “Hello”, the pop-rap duo consisting of Berklee College of Music alumni Amy and Nick Noonan have serious talent, but don’t act it. The attitude may come from their novelty/cover act beginnings on Youtube. The track will make cool down a breeze and leave you looking forward to your next workout.

The entire reason we listen to music as we exercise is to give us a distraction or something else to focus our attention on other than our bodies’ protests to the strenuous work. During my runs, the unique synth and bass lines stereotypical of electropop provide the stimulation to make them fun and stress-relieving. Give the genre a chance and you may find yourself getting through your routines with more ease.