Tiffany’s advice on what candy to keep or toss this Halloween

Tiffany Domingo, Reporter/Video Yearbook Liaison

On Oct. 31, millions of people around the nation will roam around the neighborhood, go up to strangers’ houses, and ask for candy.

You know, the exact opposite to what our parents taught us to do.  

But since it’s a national holiday, I guess it’s safe.

There is always a handful of candy that people eat first once they get home from trick or treating–then the rest of the candy people either trade out, or let it sit in the bag until the expiration date. Here are some of the candies that are worth eating, and those that definitely need to be traded out.



KitKat is one of the most popular candies in the world. Many different countries, notably Japan, have tried to do different flavor variations. However, nothing can beat the OG chocolate-flavored wafer bar. KitKat has even made a reputation of having a satisfying snap from the chocolate. You’d be crazy if you are willing to trade these out.


A creamy nougat topped with peanuts–caramel coated in rich chocolate–Snickers are basically a dentist’s worst nightmare. I would know because I got three cavities munching on these bad boys every day. In the end, it was all worth it because Snickers are just that good.


It’s easy to ‘taste the rainbow’ with many different colors and flavors. Skittles are sweet, chewy, and great for a mini snack. Skittles is a top choice for when you want to take a break from chocolate.


Toblerone is Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat; famous for its distinctive triangular shape. The chocolate is sweet, rich, and has a creamy hazelnut flavor–the flecks of nougat chewy and bringing texture. I call Toblerone the “luxury” chocolate because it is probably the rarest of them all.



Seriously, what are these things? Chocolate balls? For some reason trick or treaters always receive more than a handful of these things, but they end up sitting in the bag since no one knows what they are.

Heath Bars

Heath Bars are one of those candies that you never buy for yourself but they end up in your trick or treat bag anyways. You tell yourself that you might eat it, but you don’t. You might as well just give them to your parents.

100 Grand

The 100 Grand chocolate bar is a no-brainer for a trade out, unless it’s actually 100 grand in cash. No one really knows what these are either. I’m pretty sure it’s just caramel and crispy rice cereal that’s covered in chocolate.


Malic acid in a ball-shaped sour candy: that’s a Warhead for you. It’s extremely sour and tart. That sharp pang of pain in your jaw is so not worth the “sweetness” you get in the middle.

Each individual has their own taste in what they like and don’t like with candy bars. The ones you don’t like could be traded out with the ones you do like. You just have to be smart in who you trade them with so you’re getting what you want.