Seniors win annual Powder Puff Tournament


Alex Toth

Senior Allena Down holding the coveted Powderpuff Trophy after the Seniors’ win

Mooshoo Tran, News Editor

What happened: On Wednesday, Oct. 24, Senior Senate held their annual Powder Puff football tournament at Faiman Field. Kicking off the tournament, seniors went up against the freshmen while the sophomores and juniors battled. Sophomores placed fourth, freshman took third, juniors took second, and seniors took first.

By the numbers: In the first round, the seniors beat the freshmen 28-0, juniors beat the sophomores 14-12. In the conciliation round, freshmen beat sophomores 7-6, and seniors won the whole tournament, beating the juniors 8-0.

Did you see that?: One out of the seven freshman playing, Alyssa Fjelstad scored her class’s first and only touchdown in the tournament while they faced off against the sophomores. During her two-point conversion she juked around three sophomore girls, leading one of them to the ground and earning the extra points, leading the freshmen team to third place.

They said it:  Senior head coach Michael Smilko spoke about his happiness with the outcome of the game. “These two years prior, Sophomore and Junior year, we lost to the Seniors, both years in a row in the championship game.” Smilko said,  “That left a terrible taste in our mouth. Looking forward to this year, knowing we had what it took to win, actually getting the win was very satisfying.”