Bellevue West theatre hosting second annual haunted escape room

Brooke Jones, Reporter

The theatre department is hosting a haunted escape room for students and staff to participate in. This is the second year that theatre has raised money through an escape room activity.

This year’s theme is “Seven Deadly Princesses.” They plan to incorporate the seven deadly sins with several Disney princesses representing each one. If a group is able to “escape” they win free tickets to the play.

“This year we have almost 30 people helping out, which is way more than last year,” senior Marlo Medill, who plays Willy Wonka, said. “We have enough actors to rotate each day and more than one person making the clues, which is fantastic.”

Medill said a large portion of the profits will go towards purchasing a new cyclorama, which is a reflective curtain at the back of the stage. The remaining profits will go to paying off funds for the upcoming thespian convention and the production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.