Felius Cat Cafe: The Cutest Coffee Shop in Omaha

Leah Larson, Layout Editor

The worldwide trend of getting of cuddles with your caffeine has found its way to Omaha with the Felius Cat Cafe, located on 522 1/2 South 24th Street.

As a feline fanatic, I was pretty excited that our city was getting its own cat cafe. Although Felius was definitely smaller compared to the ones I’ve been to in larger places like St. Louis, the size enabled my visit to feel much more relaxed. The space is also unexpectedly clean.

My first impression of Felius was one of open-mouthed wonderment. The cats were kept in a separate room that could be seen through a wide, clear window. With its modern-style seating arrangement and smooth white walls, the cafe was almost as adorable as the cats.

After ordering an overly sweet green tea from their menu, which had options ranging from classic coffees to milkshakes to catnip, it was time to meet my four-legged friends.

Their area had a second window facing the outside. It was rainy the morning I went, but I could just imagine the sunlight that would brighten the room on any regular day. Additional chairs and tables were set up for the people and even more provided for the cats.

Shelves for climbing lined the walls. An enormous scratching post took up the entire corner. Various toys and soft blankets were scattered about, making it obvious that the cats were well cared for.

It was interesting to not only interact with the cats, but also to step back and observe each distinct personality. Some cats preferred to sleep in the middle of the room the entire time, while others hung back and could only be persuaded out of their hiding with a toy.

With patience, even the shy ones could be coaxed into some light petting.

It was easy to walk in and request cat time, but reservations can be made in advance through the Felius website. A thirty minute session with the cats cost $7.50 and $14 for an hour.

If I could visit Felius every week without draining my bank account, I would. As a whole, the experience served as the perfect way for me to de-stress and enjoy myself while doing so.