Netflix’s Maniac: a binge-worthy, genre-fusing hit

Kinley Hamilton, Reporter

Netflix’s “Maniac” is a psychological dark comedy that will be one of the streaming services best shows of 2018. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are the stars of the series playing Owen Milgram and Annie Landsberg.

The two strangers, both dissatisfied with their current way of living, end up at the same pharmaceutical trial that’s goal is to fix any problem with the human mind. “Maniac’s” writing and acting is bizarrely fantastic and 100% binge-worthy.

The plot is captivating and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s secretive and I almost felt like it’s jumping into the middle of the story, and halfway through the first episode I couldn’t help but want to know more about each character’s past. Also, the dialogue fits perfectly with each of their roles. Each line the characters have are important to who they are, which has been lacking in film and television lately. The characters’ personalities are clear and relatable which made me immediately love the show.

The concept itself is a hit but only gets better with the acting. Hill’s portrayal of Owen is unlike any other role I’ve seen him play before, and matches the writing of the character perfectly. Owen is complex and dry in his personality, but Hill somehow gives the character life when he could so easily be monotone and boring. Annie is rough and mysterious, a character type Stone is no stranger to playing, as it’s similar to her role in the 2014 Oscar-winning movie “Birdman.”

The show’s futuristic 80’s vibe and interesting plot will immediately have you, unregretfully, wasting a day to binge-watch the entire series.