Thomas Rhett gives energizing and personable Lincoln concert


Emma Gage

Thomas Rhett on stage at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln

Emma Gage, Reporter

Thomas Rhett performed for a packed Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln on Oct. 13 as a part of his “Life Changes” tour. Though the concert had a slow start it eventually turned into an energized spectacle of dancing and music that left the crowd singing along to many of Rhett’s harmonic songs.

There were two opening acts before Rhett began his performance. The first was Midland, a band who had more of an old-fashioned vibe. I appreciated their feel-good lyrics, but they didn’t do much to get me excited for the show. Brett Young was featured as the second opener and provided a more lively environment that seemed to wake the crowd up. Together, these two created a lot of anticipation for the main event.

Rhett entered with the upbeat “Leave Right Now” and didn’t slow down throughout the rest of his show. He kept the crowd engaged by mixing in sing-along friendly tunes like “T-shirt” and “Vacation” in between more heartfelt songs like “Marry Me.” His stories and small talk in between each song also helped to keep the energy and mood alive, even during transitions.

The Pinnacle Bank Arena was the perfect setting for this concert. Because it is slightly smaller than other venues, it made the experience seem more intimate despite the fact that it still holds a large crowd.

The crowd itself was vibrant and devoted as much as they could to singing along with Rhett. The show was exciting for everyone in the audience and proved appealing to all ages. I saw toddlers, college students, and older attendees all cheering and laughing with the same amount of enthusiasm.

What really made the concert outstanding for me was the special and heartfelt interactions that Rhett had with the crowd throughout the entire show. They started with him simply taking selfies with fans’ phones while he sang and individually thanking different sections.

After his first few songs, Rhett noticed a man who wasn’t singing along. He then brought him on stage and played a song that the man did know as a way to enhance his experience and further entertain the crowd. Rhett later noticed a sign held by two girls that stated it was their birthday. After talking with them he played his coming-of-age song “Sixteen” and dedicated it to those girls.

Perhaps his most heartfelt fan interaction was when he noticed a couple getting engaged during “Die a Happy Man” and invited the crowd to sing the chorus again after the song was finished as their premature first dance.

By ending the concert with “Crash and Burn,” Rhett left the crowd on an exciting note that left people humming and dancing through the walkways of Pinnacle.

Overall, the concert was the perfect mix of vitality and warm-hearted emotions. I was surprised by how interactive the show was and thoroughly enjoyed the choice of songs and lively atmosphere that left me wanting to relive it.