Annual Bellevue Cleanup Day on Saturday the 13th

Ayanna Solomon-Smith, Reporter

The City of Bellevue will have its annual Fall Cleanup Day this Saturday, Oct.13 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. as an incentive for the residents of Bellevue who pay their trash fee on their Metropolitan Utilities District (M.U.D.) bill each month.

The purpose of the cleanup days is to assist citizens in getting rid of larger items not working or wanted according to Kathy Austin, Bellevue’s Street Department Secretary.

“It helps us all keep our yards, basements, free of “junk” or no longer wanted things you can’t donate,” Austin said in an email.

People can bring household furniture, lawn furniture, storm doors and windows, major appliances with the exception of televisions and computer monitors, broken toys, bicycles, wagons, bed springs & mattresses, construction material, automotive parts, propane tanks, and electronics – including computer hardware as listed on the Bellevue website.

“The city was awarded a grant from NE Dept. of Environmental Quality to accept tires this time,” Austin said. “It’s been a couple years, or so, since we were able to recycle tires. It helps the environment and does not litter up the road right of ways, or someone dumping them illegally in a business dumpster.”

The Fall Cleanup will be held in two separate locations: 29th & Hancock and 8252 Cedar Island Rd. For those who are interested in participating and are unable to attend, the Papillion Sanitation has come up with a new system accessible for them by calling (402)-346-7800 to collect their trash.

“The city has an iron/metal recycler that comes in at no cost to the city to collect the iron/metal items,” Austin said. “It’s usually compacted into squares and the recycler then sells the metal/iron to another recycler. The other “trash” is put into a compactor trash truck, or trailer and hauled to the landfill. Trees and brush is stockpiled at our tree dump and approximately once a year a contractor is hired to come in and grind it up and they use the chips, leaving a portion of the chips for city use at parks, city buildings, etc.”

If you are interested or need any more information you can go to their website, email Kathy Austin, or call the City of Bellevue Street Department at 402-293-3126.