PSAT provides new opportunities for juniors

Emma Gage, Reporter

Bellevue West will be hosting an optional PSAT test for juniors on the October 10 ACT practice test day.

The PSAT is a preliminary form of the SAT test that covers reading, writing and language, and math. It is scored between 320 and 1520 points based on performance in these areas.

If scored high enough on, the PSAT can make students eligible for National Merit Scholarships which give students academic recognition and qualifies them for scholarships.

For example, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, National Merit Scholarship finalists are eligible to be considered for full-paid tuition and a $2,000 stipend per year.

Counselor Melissa Minahan believes that the PSAT is a big opportunity for students that will help them in the future.

“Juniors who are strong test takers should consider taking the PSAT for an opportunity to compete for National Merit Scholarships,” Minahan said in an email. “The content on the SAT is similar to parts of the ACT test, allowing students another opportunity to practice and get feedback before the April ACT test.”

The deadline to register for the PSAT is September 11 and there is an $18 fee. Students interested in participating can visit the counseling office.