Uber Eats: delivering mediocrity

Mooshoo Tran, News Editor

Uber Eats is a food delivery app that allows its users to order from restaurants near them. Every teen knows what Uber is — so it’s not too hard to conceptualize Uber Eats. The app is easy to use. It shows restaurants near whatever location you set in the app and uses distance to calculate delivery costs. It became available to the Omaha area in October 2017, which was much anticipated.

I ordered two sushi rolls and crab rangoons from Wild Rice Sushi, but I couldn’t order a drink. I just wanted a Sprite, like, come on Uber. I considered ordering from McDonald’s, but the app wouldn’t allow me to combine orders from different restaurants and I didn’t want to pay for another delivery. When ordering, the app gives an estimated time of arrival for each restaurant option that’s available. For me, the estimated time was 25-35 minutes. Cost for delivery was $3.99, which seems reasonable.

I placed the order at 4:28 PM, and the app took me to a new screen where I could get updates on my order and driver. For 30 minutes the status was “Confirming order with restaurant,” and the estimated time of arrival changed three times, adding a total of 15 minutes. Everytime it changed, I would consider canceling the order. But I really wanted food… Once I got a notification that my food was on its way, I had already reached the 35 minute cap and was a little irritated.

From there, it took about 10 minutes for the food to get to my house, which I expected. The app allowed me to track my driver and see her on the map driving to my house. I felt like I was going on a date; I was really nervous for some reason. I was also very entertained watching the little icon move on the screen. After I physically got my order, the app allowed me to rate my driver and experience, then review how long it took from when I entered my order to when it arrived at my door. It was 58 minutes, but since it took so long Uber emailed me $5 off my next order.

When I started eating, my crab rangoons were a little bit warm which made me believe that the food was sitting out for a while and was just waiting for someone to pick it up.

I would probably order from Uber Eats again, given I’m not on a time crunch, especially because I got that $5, which I’ll be spending relatively soon. Uber Eats also provides a coupon code for friends to use and everytime they use mine, I get $5 off my next order and they get $5 off theirs. I’d recommend using Uber Eats and using my code “eats-mooshootui” for $5 off your order.