Latino Leaders empowers others with Eva Peron

Taegan Jacobs, Features Editor

In the few weeks school has been back in session, all kinds of clubs and school organized groups have been advertising in their own way with the hope of getting more people to join. This advertising has come in the form of short messages in the advisory announcements, tables set up during lunch, posters in the halls, and more.

One way Latino Leaders has been getting their message out is through historical figure Eva Peron.

“We just thought of maybe putting out the word that we’re talking about Eva Peron,” senior and Latino Leaders Board Member Jaque Armas said. “She was an inspiration, so we just put out her quotes around the school.”

Eva Peron, nicknamed Evita, was an actress turned First Lady of Argentina after marrying Juan Peron in 1945, who became the Argentine President a year later. During her time as first lady from 1946 until she died of cancer in 1952, she used her position to fight for women’s rights and help improve the lives of the poor.

“She always was striving to take care of the poor and the less fortunate and always wanted to improve people’s lives,” senior and Latino Leaders Board Member Brianna Escalante said. “She was a very strong figure, that everyone looked up to her.”

They first learned of Eva Peron through the club’s sponsor, Spanish teacher Jodi Grice, and then decided to research her themselves during summer meetings. Every Tuesday throughout the summer, the four Latino Leaders Board Members, composed of Armas and Escalante, as well as sophomore Lelani Garcia and senior Kylee Gardner, would get together to put together the club’s entire schedule for the year.

Although Eva Peron and her quotes are starting off the club’s year, learning about her is just a small portion of what the they’re doing this year, according to Grice.

“We’re always trying to promote positive things in the community and for all of them to realize that they have bright futures,” Grice said. “And to look at lots of different avenues. So, we will look at four year colleges, we’ll look at two year colleges, we’ll look at military things, we’ll look at jobs that you can get right out of high school, we’ll look at all of those things throughout the year.”

The club also plans to learn about all Spanish speaking countries.

“We’re trying to learn about each separate one,” Escalante said. “Each different thing that makes them unique. And trying to get everyone more educated about what it is to be a Latino and all the different stuff that makes up being Hispanic and Latino.”

As for their goals, it’s the same as almost every year, according to Grice.

“But each month they have a goal of doing something,” Grice said. “An activity that will do something to improve their future, something that is gonna relate to Hispanic heritage, something that’s fun, and something that’s community service.”

One of the places the club volunteers is at the Heartland Help Mission, helping hand out food and clothing.

“And Rainbow House,” Escalante said. “We make meals for the people that are staying in the hospital that don’t have enough money to have hotels and stuff, so they have rooms that they can stay in for free. So we help make them meals and stuff. Just trying to help out our community and help get people to join to help out as much as possible.”

In addition to their goal of empowering themselves, they hope to influence others.

“We’re trying to empower people,” Escalante said. “Like in a way that they shouldn’t be brought down by people. They take charge and if they see something wrong, help and change it. Fix issues. Have a strong leadership role and stuff.”