Volt app offers unique workout platform

Melissa Irish, Editor-In-Chief

Within the past month, several of Bellevue West’s sports teams have been introduced to a new way to condition: the Volt app.

Volt is a strength training program that is partnered with Gatorade.  Its popularity arises from that it is easily customized to specific athletes and specific sports. It also explains the moves on screen to avoid injuries.

“We’re basically getting the luxury of a college strength and conditioning program at the click of our fingers,” football coach Michael Huffman said.

When Huffman first looked into the program a year ago, he said he found the costs to be too expensive.  Baseball coach Wade Tracy then found ways to lower the price so that it could be brought to Bellevue West, such as securing Huber Chevrolet as a sponsor and having baseball and softball share a program.  The teams will have the app until next April, and softball coach Laura Kratochvil said she is excited to see how it will impact her team.

“I’m hoping to see much more explosiveness,” Kratochvil said. “In terms of, for a softball team, our hitting, our running, and our sprints.”

One of the softball players said that she believes because the app requires individuals to keep track of their reps themselves, it teaches self-accountability.

“I think it’s very helpful and that it teaches us to take responsibility,” sophomore Claire Zbylut said. “It’s you who is doing it and that’s what turns you into a good athlete.”

Huffman said he had concerns about the players using their own phones though.

“I don’t want to have a kid sneaking on Snapchat or Twitter while we’re supposed to be working out,” Huffman said. “So far we haven’t had that problem but I can see when it gets a little bit older and isn’t quite as new people might stray.”

He said he hoped that he can solve such an issue by getting an iPad to use in the weight room. In the meantime, he said he enjoyed the program, and he’s not the only one saying such.

“So far, I love the program as a coach,” Kratochvil said. “I know Coach Tracy is seeing some great things with baseball as well.  Hopefully it’s something the whole school can incorporate because it seems at this point to be doing some really great things.”