2018-2019 Publications staffs announced


The following students have been selected to the publication staffs for the 2018-2019 school year:

The Thunderbeat Print and Web Staff:

LeAnne Bugay Editor-in-Chief

Alex Toth Co-Editor-in-Chief

Nathan Hawkins Managing and Sports Editor

Emily Schmidt Copy Editor

Mooshoo Tran News Editor

Leah Larson Layout Editor

Jay Walker-Schulte Entertainment Editor

Billy Dunkleman Broadcast Manager/Reporter

Taegan Jacobs Features Editor

Gavin Clang Graphics Editor

Brooke Jones Reporter

Tiffany Domingo Reporter

Hayley Schroeder Reporter

Emily Nelson Reporter

Ayanna Solomon-Smith Reporter

Kinley Hamilton Reporter

Emma Clark Reporter

Megan Norman Reporter

The Thunderbeat Video and Web Staff:

Kelli Smith Thunderbeat Executive Director

Kinley Hamilton Thunderbeat Director

LeAnne Bugay Thunderbeat Director

Matt Hunter Aurasma Director

Izzy Pineda Production Designer

Tiffany Domingo Print/Video Liaison

Quintin Stueve Webmaster

Kaitlyn Fye Videographer/Filmmaker

Autumn Hammond Videographer/Filmmaker

Alex Toth Videographer/Filmmaker

CJ Lilienkamp Videographer/Filmmaker

Curista Magnuson Videographer/Filmmaker

Moises Ugalde Videographer/Filmmaker

Diego Mora Zubia Videographer/Filmmaker

Charlie Sims Videographer/Filmmaker

Kevin Perez Videographer/Filmmaker

Elissa Treu Videographer/Filmmaker

The Thunderbird Yearbook:

Lexi Walker Editor In Chief

Rachel Sager Editor In Chief

Aspen Mockelstrom Design Editor

Emily Schmidt Copy Editor

Maddy Madsen Photography Editor

Kara Morgia People Editor

Brynn Haer Dedication Editor

Keely Prusia/Madelyn Gau Index Editors

Jaclyn Taggart Business Manager

Maddy Hudec Reporter/Page Designer

Mikayla Myers Reporter/Page Designer

Tymber Haese Reporter/Page Designer

Bryce Wetzler Reporter/Page Designer

Hannah VanLaningham Reporter/Page Designer

David Berger Reporter/Page Designer

Hayley Schroeder Reporter/Page Designer

Nic Welvaert Reporter/Page Designer

Ayanna Solomon-Smith Reporter/Page Designer

Gabby Jocson Reporter/Page Designer

Caitlyn Maloney Reporter/Page Designer