“First Watch” impresses with atmosphere, quality food


Sara Fogarty

The lemon ricotta pancakes offered a fresh twist on the classic breakfast.

Sara Fogarty, Copy Editor

On Sat March 10, First Watch debuted at 2015 Pratt Ave., next to “Super Cuts” and “Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que” off of Cornhusker road. Intrigued by the opening, and following my love of breakfast, I decided to check it out.

I was instantly impressed with First Watch as I was greeted by a friendly hostess, who opened the door for me to escape the pouring rain. Although it seems simple, that small gesture gave me a great first impression of the staff and the restaurant overall.

After deliberating for twenty minutes over the plethora of menu options, I ordered lemon ricotta pancakes. The waitress smiled and said, “Good choice,” so I knew I would like my meal. The pancakes were multigrain (so guilt free) and were layered with ricotta cheese, cinnamon, and topped with lemon glaze and fresh strawberries. They were delicious— the perfect combination between sweet and savory.

Although the food was exquisite, the atmosphere overall was what made my experience so pleasant. The restaurant was well-lit, due to the fact that the back wall consisted of floor-to-ceiling windows. With the hardwood flooring, exposed ceiling beams and blue and white accents I felt as if I was eating breakfast in an HGTV home renovation show, not Bellevue. The words “farm fresh” were plastered everywhere, emphasizing the quality of the ingredients and creating a rural ambience in an urban setting.

As for the pricing, it was moderate. The average cost of a full meal is about $10, but with the large portions and fresh ingredients you definitely get what you pay for.

The only con about First Watch is the awkward layout. The majority of tables are lined around the perimeter of the building, with the exception of a small square area towards the entrance. In the middle of the space there is a large, open area that could easily fit at least three more tables. There is also only one bathroom for the whole restaurant which will be inconvenient for customers during busy mornings.

Aside from the layout, First Watch was a total hit. I appreciated the friendliness of the staff, the aesthetic decorations and, of course, the delicious food. Overall, the inviting and upscale atmosphere of the restaurant was what made the experience so enjoyable.

First Watch is open all week from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.