Reasons to not overlook Thanksgiving

Kortney Buresh, Sports Editor

Most people have that one friend or family member that goes unappreciated. They’re so great but in comparison to everyone else they get overshadowed. This goes for holidays too and this day is Thanksgiving. There is one major reason why Thanksgiving gets the short end: Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but the early celebrating takes away the hype for Thanksgiving. All I’m saying is don’t forget to give Thanksgiving some love because it deserves to be recognized for its great qualities.

Once Nov. 1 hits the ads are full of presents, and the stores are decorated with red and green. So it’s easy to forget why Thanksgiving is so great, so here are five reminders why Thanksgiving is one of the greatest days on the calendar.


  1. You literally dress up to eat around your kitchen all day.

Okay it sounds weird when you think about it, but that’s basically what most people do. From morning to night the whole day is filled with eating and you get to look cute while doing it.  

  1. You fill the day with positivity.

It’s important to give thanks, after all the day is called Thanksgiving. If you don’t normally do this try going around the table stating three things you’re thankful for. It might be weird at first, especially if you normally don’t do this with your family, but you’d be surprised by the positive impact it will have on your family as a whole.

  1. Food, Football, Family.

The three most important “f” words you can incorporate on a holiday. 😉 The day is filled with these three things and you can enjoy it without feeling guilty.

  1. The weather.

The weather during Thanksgiving is bearable, usually. (Midwest weather loves to play tricks.) Fall weather makes for pretty pictures and there’s something about leaves and pumpkins that add to the warm and special holiday atmosphere.

  1. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for it.

This holiday is great for showing your friends and family that you appreciate them, and all you have to do is say thanks. A simple act of kindness doesn’t cost anything.


Thanksgiving has many qualities that make it great and it’s up there with as one of the top holidays on the calendar. However it’s overshadowed by more commercialized festivities. So before you start decorating or picking out presents to put on a list for another holiday, remember to give Thanksgiving the attention it deserves.